Mixtape #124

Sendung am Freitag, 11.8.2017, 12-13 Uhr @byteFM

Jimmie Rowles Your Mind Is On Vacation Kinda Groovy! (Capitol)
Hornung Trio Nach Hause Wanken Spieler (Double Moon/in-akustik)
Wolfgang Haffner El Chaos Kind Of Spain (ACT/edel)
Chicuelo – Marco Mezquida Al Sol Conexion (Taller de M/Galileo MC)
Jaco Pastorius Soul Intro/ The Chicken Truth, Liberty & Soul (Resonance/H‘Art)
Fred Frith Backsliding Storytelling (Intuition/in-akustik)
James Elkington Hollow In Your House Wintres Woma (Paradise Of Bachelors/Cargo)
Frigg False Legenyes Frost On Fiddles (Westpark/Indigo)
Vein Movement De Menuet Vein Plays Ravel (Double Moon/in-akustik)
Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra Vula Vula (Alien Transistor/Indigo)

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