Ornette Coleman @ 80

Ornette Coleman


1 Music is for our feelings. I think Jazz should try to express more kinds of feeling than it has up to now.
The Shape Of Jazz To Come, 1959

2 To read or write or play without reading or writing; to execute our ideas on an instrument; isn’t that the result of us all in making musical sounds that we feel and think for those who love music?
Dancing in Your Head, 1977

3 I often speak about being a composer that performs without prejudice of environment.
Body Meta, 1976

4 When I met Charlie Parker I was playing and writing things I play today. But I only wanted to play Parker music when I went out to play because his music was and is very important for one who wants to play saxophone. When I played my music, my saxophone playing was not liked.
Soapsuds Soapsuds, 1977

5 Harmolodics is not a style. Those who judge the concept of Harmolodic playing are using outdated terms to describe their knowledge. All listeners are equal in their opinions.
Sound Museum, 1994

Christian Broecking, Guenter Hottmann, Götz Bühler
Arne Reimer, Nomo michael hoefner / www.zwo5.de (Own work) [CC-BY-3], via Wikimedia Commons

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